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The sharpest competitive edge for your institution – delivered in singular custom solutions.

Find your edge here.

Established in 1994, PEPID’s complete catalog of healthcare information solutions supports thousands of institutions across the globe. Extensive, intuitive and easily integrated – PEPID’s clinical and drug databases strengthens critical decision-making at any point-of-care and beyond.

Solutions for Healthcare Institutions

Get your institution closer to better value-based outcomes when you adopt any of PEPID’s specialized suites for healthcare professionals, educators and academics.
Your search for a system-wide upgrade started long ago. As always, we’re here to help you make the right decisions for better care today and tomorrow.


Strengthen any department with PEPID’s industry-leading clinical content, tools and drug comprehensive reference – intuitively-designed and specially-bundled for the full spectrum of healthcare providers and ancillary staff. Learn More


Elevate your students’ curriculum and standards of care with PEPID’s scholastic selection of suites – dynamically designed to support the student-teacher dyad. Learn More

See why hundreds of academic institutions worldwide trust PEPID as an excellent learning tool and transitional professional reference:


From en route planning to on-site preparedness, PEPID’s focused solutions for first responders gives your team exactly what they need, where they need it – STAT.

Send them off with a complete medical and toxicology reference, packed with EMS-specific topics organized by signs and symptoms – perfect for accurate responses and communication every step of the way. Learn More


Access the industry’s No. 1-rated drug and substance database when you bring any of our stratified solutions to your pharmaceutical point-of-care. Choose between the unabridged or distilled AHFS Drug Information® databases – selectively bundled with your team’s ideal toolset. Learn More


Medical librarians aim to provide the healthcare professionals who use their library with knowledge that can be implemented in their daily practice for better patient care. PEPID’s medical information resources join research and clinical practice. Learn More


Perfect your practice with any of PEPID’s clinical and drug databases, and superior usability. No matter the size and specialized needs of your clinic, PEPID delivers just the right dose of information to desktops and mobile devices. Learn More


PEPID’s flagship emergency medicine resources have been tried and proven in the busiest ERs around the world since 1994.

Support your team of emergent care providers with bulleted, straight-to-the-point content and tools – designed for rapid search, access, and application at the point of care. Learn More


Focused facility-wide support for both long-term care providers and caregivers. Meet JCAHO compliancy standards with databases written for safer, holistic geriatric and rehabilitative care, and a workflow built for diverse teams.

Browse our selection of clinical and drug references for nursing homes, assisted living, inpatient behavioral health and rehabilitative facilities. Learn More


Integrate PEPID’s award-winning, respected clinical and drug information into your EMR or EHR to help achieve meaningful use requirements and give your system a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive resources cover everything clinicians need to make better-informed decisions at the bedside. Learn More


Trusted and used around the world, PEPID is now expanding to urgent care! PEPID covers the full spectrum of emergency medicine and is written specifically for the fast-paced environment of an urgent care facility. Learn More

PEPID Products

Profession-specific content & tools tailored for your needs right out of the box.

Emergency Medicine

The ultimate emergency medicine arsenal. Packed with fully relevant content and tools, and designed for rapid search, access, and application at the point of care.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

A big help for the little ones. Cut to the chase with content, calculators, and values specific to help treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions.

Primary Care Plus Ambulatory

Our most comprehensive, integrated reference toolBuilt to provide dynamic support for every type of healthcare provider, PCP is your daily go-to for evidence-based essentials and tools to manage anything from asthma to Zika.

Portable Drug Companion

Carry the largest drug database available in your back pocket. Thousands of dosing and drip calculators improve treatment accuracy, while a powerful Drug Interactions Checker ensures patient safety.

Pharmacist Pro with AHFS

The only drug comprehensive reference and tool kit pharmacists need in any setting. Search the entire AHFS Drug Information Essentials® database, integrated with relevant drug interactions checks, dosage calculators, and clinical content.

AHFS Drug Information Essentials® by PEPID

Distilled drug and substance essentials from extensive bestselling AHFS DI®, and packed with PEPID’s most popular drug tools.

AHFS Drug Information® by PEPID

The unabridged AHFS Drug Information® knowledgebase, delivered with PEPID’s superior usability and actionable tools.

Professional Nursing

A complete resource for content written for nurses, by nurses. Enjoy smoother, safer shifts with concise nursing considerations, a robust drug reference, IV compatibility check, and more.


Critical Care Nursing

A focused nursing reference that does the extra critical thinking for you. Developed with the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the RNCC delivers specialized content for intensive patient care including assessments, nursing considerations, and drugs and drips.

Oncology Nursing

Developed with the Oncology Nursing Society, this specialized reference simplifies complex cancer care and strengthens evidence-based nursing with the latest PEP cards.

Gerontological Nursing

Tailored to deliver evergreen nursing care for older patients. Developed with the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, RN Gero does the heavy lifting across in-home, palliative and long-term care settings.

RN Care Plan Pro

Offers over 200 care plan templates, a platform to create and manage custom care plans, and one-click access to supporting clinical content and nursing considerations.

Clinical Rotation Companion

The academic’s premier survival kit through rotations and beyond. Practice with competence and confidence, no matter where your studies take you.

RN Student Clinical Companion

Designed for nurses-in-training, RNS is a resource for classroom, lab and clinical settings and includes everything from assessment to disposition.

RN Student Care Plan

Offers over 200 care plan templates, a platform to create and manage custom care plans, and one-click access to supporting clinical content and nursing considerations.


The first stop for first responders. Developed in collaboration with the National Association of EMS Educators, this specialized suite delivers actionable content from en route to in-ambulance.

PEPID Add-ons

Bedside Education

Instant overview of critical talking points and detailed patient education handouts to provide your patients with all the information they need regarding their condition.

Can be added to any PEPID subscription

Patient Medication Education

Printable patient education handouts to improve adherence by providing everything your patients need to know regarding their prescription medications.

Available exlusively for PEPID Connect


Earn AMA PRA Category 1™ continuing medical education credit directly at the point of care!

Requires an Emergency Medicine or Pediatric Emergency Medicine subscription and a free AAEM or ACEP eCME account

Access to PEPID Clinical Content

Delivery Options


Designed for ease of implementation, PEPID supports InfoButton implementations that make integrating industry-leading CDS as simple and painless as possible.

PKB Extensions

Built off a platform designed for rapid integrations, PKB Extensions leverages a complete back-end system that accepts any nomenclature and returns immediately displayable CDS content and tools.

API / Web Services

Get total control over your drug and clinical reference data, with robust API delivery that allows you to design and display alerts and information at the most relevant points in the user workflow.

Flat File / Custom Export Structure

Localized databases with import scripts to drop any information into any existing system. Both US + Canadian and International Agnostic versions available. Custom export structures and designs available to meet any system requirements.