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Solutions for Medical Libraries

PEPID’s premier medical information resources fuse research and clinical practice, supplying an evidence-based reference with the latest practice recommendations integrated directly into relevant clinical conditions, disease profiles and drug monographs.

Offered in medical libraries across the country, PEPID is ranked among the most-used library references. Our specialty-focused resources provide students, professionals, physicians, nurses and pharmacists with relevant information that can be used in your library or in care units.

The Complete Care Catalog for Professionals & Academics

Enhance your library portal or intranet site with any or all of the resources provided by PEPID. Simply embed HTML links to jump directly to any drug, disease or medical calculator, or embed one of pre-programmed functions such as our drug interactions checker or symptom checker. 

Provide your library patrons with unlimited access to all the specialty-focused resources in PEPID Connect. Allow your users to have unlimited access while in your library, or even login remotely from home — our access methods are flexible to best meet the needs of your library.

Products for Medical Libraries

Emergency Medicine

The ultimate emergency medicine arsenal. Packed with fully relevant content and tools, and designed for rapid search, access, and application at the point of care.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

A big help for the little ones. Cut to the chase with content, calculators, and values specific to help treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions.

Primary Care Plus Ambulatory Care

Our most comprehensive, integrated reference toolBuilt to provide dynamic support for every type of healthcare provider, PCP is your daily go-to for evidence-based essentials and tools to manage anything from asthma to Zika.

Professional Nursing

A complete resource for content written for nurses, by nurses. Enjoy smoother, safer shifts with concise nursing considerations, a robust drug reference, IV compatibility check, and more.