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PEPID in Hospital Pharmacies

Running an efficient pharmacy department within an institution requires a lot of elements working together. PEPID pharmacy products provide a reliable foundation that can support training, monitoring, scheduling and performance evaluation efforts. There are a variety of PEPID solutions that allow you to apply strategy and maintain profitability.

Coordinate actions, automate processes and meet government standards with building blocks of essential information for pharmacy systems, including: drug interactions checker, drug-allergy checker, patient education handouts and drug information monographs, AHFS Drug Information, NDC database and PEPID pill identifier.

Acquire Functional Software Solutions

PEPID can be seamlessly integrated into current pharmacy systems as well as act as the basis for building a new system.

System Automation

Portal Extensions allow you to quickly enhance a web portal or intranet site with clinical decision support via standard HTML protocols and links.

Data Integration is available through the PEPID Knowledge Base (PKB). Flexible delivery options, including an SDK and APIs can be seamlessly integrated into your system, driving down implementation and switching costs, and increasing usability by healthcare professionals. The PKB is compatible with any development environment and supports all delivery platforms – including mobile.

Gain Access to an Unbiased Multi-source Database and References

With PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials, pharmacists gain access to all the information they need integrated with all the AHFS drug information they came to know and relied on as students. With the entire AHFS drug information representing more than 40,000 medications and 100,000 drug products, 3,000+ clinical conditions and disease profiles and much more—meeting the critical need for the resources pharmacists rely on to be both authoritative and up to date.

Content Sources

Pharmacists can react with confidence knowing PEPID content is reviewed and contributed to by leading professional organizations as well as by an in-house team of dedicated physicians, nurses and pharmacologists.


PEPID has a very aggressive editorial cycle with continuous updates. Residents can expect to receive notification of updates on a monthly basis and black box warnings and other critical alerts within 24-48 hours.

Supply Patients with Practical Resources

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS offers a variety of content developed specifically to address patient needs.

Patient-education Handouts

Easy to read and understand patient-education handouts provide pharmacists a way to empower patients with all of the information they need to self-monitor their prescription drug use.

Patient Portal

Infuse your patient portal with valuable reference materials created specifically for patients with PEPID for patient portal content.


Leverage the PEPID Infobutton in your system to provide clinicians and patients with relevant resources to improve patient care, and integrate resources into workflow.

Rely on Robust Decision-support Tools

PEPID offers the following drug decision-support tool:


Laboratory Manual

PEPID’s lab tests provide access to: critical values, description, normal ranges, interpretation high, interpretation low, links to related tests, links to equations, physiology, and tech info. Labs include multi-drug urine screens, CRP, an extensive toxicology lab section, and other lab tests commonly used by pharmacists.


Provide Medical Therapy Management Support Tools

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials can easily be fully integrated into current electronic medical records systems. Providing pharmacy professionals with an EMR infused with reliable drug resources and tools can help them exercise the kind of “big picture” thinking necessary to practice effective medical therapy management.

Improving individual patients’ therapeutic outcomes

Equip pharmacists with PEPID and they gain access to invaluable safe prescribing tools like indications and contra-indications module, drug interactions checker and duplicate therapy checking. The PEPID drug database includes easy to read patient-education handouts that provide pharmacists a way to empower patients with all of the information they need to self-monitor their prescription drug use.

Back up Disease State Management Initiatives

Integrating PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials into current electronic medical records systems is an easy and economical step to take in supporting a disease state management initiative. Residents benefit from an EMR infused with clinical content, reliable drug resources and tools that can help them develop the kind of “big picture” thinking necessary to build disease state management skills.


Encouraging pharmacy resident’s to embrace their role in DSM

The success of a disease state management skills initiative is entirely dependent upon the full participation and cooperation of all of a patient’s health care providers. Residents can do their part by: identifying which medications work for different chronic disease with the PEPID indications and contra-indications module, providing patients with easy to read patient-education handouts, adhering to evidence-based clinical policies easily accessed through the evidence-based inquiries linked to the clinical and drug content through out PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials.

Residents usage of PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials can be tracked and reported through current EMRs—data can be used to objectively measure those aspects of care the program is designed to impact.

PEPID has all the TOOLS to help you help others

  • Drug Interactions Checker (DI)

    Safer treatments in seconds
    Our proprietary ingredient-based algorithm checks entire medication lists against herbal supplements and toxic or illegal substances to safeguard against ADEs, duplicate therapies, and more.
  • Drug-Allergy Checker

    Hypersensitivity alerts
    Check medication against patients’ diet and known allergies, and receive alerts to identified hypersensitivities.
  • Dosing Calculators

    Accurate arithmetic
    A full range of over 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators — prepopulated and integrated within thousands of distinct clinical content cards.


  • Drug Reference

    A handheld heavyweight
    Fit a drug database of over 13,000 drug names, including U.S. and Canadian trade names, generics, OTCs, herbals and supplements right in the palm of your hand.
  • Medical Calculators

    Speedy assessments and screenings
    Over 500 medical calculators, equations and scores — including body surface area, Glasgow Coma Scale, total calcium, NIH Stroke Scale, port analysis, and more.
  • Differential Diagnosis Checker (DDx)

    Pinpoint patient problems
    Generate a weighted list of potential diagnoses by inputting a patient’s gender, age, symptoms and symptom severity.

  • Laboratory Manual

    Interpreted results at-a-glance
    Over 200 lab results and ranges, including critical values, descriptions, interpreted highs & lows, links to related tests & equations, and physiology & tech information.

Products for Pharmacies

Portable Drug Companion

Carry the largest drug database available in your back pocket. Thousands of dosing and drip calculators improve treatment accuracy, while a powerful Drug Interactions Checker ensures patient safety.

Pharmacist Pro with AHFS

The only drug comprehensive reference and tool kit pharmacists need in any setting. Search the entire AHFS Drug Information Essentials® database, integrated with relevant drug interactions checks, dosage calculators, and clinical content.

AHFS Drug Information Essentials® by PEPID

Distilled drug and substance essentials from extensive bestselling AHFS DI®, and packed with PEPID’s most popular drug tools.

AHFS Drug Information® by PEPID

The unabridged AHFS Drug Information® knowledgebase, delivered with PEPID’s superior usability and actionable tools.