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PEPID in Pharmacy Residency Programs

The key objective of residency is to bridge the gap between the classroom and pharmacy practice. Residency directors will discover that electronic resources are essential in promoting the critical thinking and practices necessary to bridge this gap. Pharmacist Pro with AHFS does just that. Imagine residents having instant access to all the information in the “big red book”—AHFS—seamlessly integrated into clinical content and disease profiles, drug-allergy and drug interactions checkers, duplicate therapy checking, indications and contra-indications modules, dosing, pill images, and information on OTCs, herbals and supplements, and patient education handouts all with just a couple clicks.

Gain Access to an Unbiased Multi-source Reference Database

With PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials residents gain access to all the information they need integrated with all the AHFS drug information they came to know and relied on as students. With the entire AHFS drug information representing more than 40,000 medications and 100,000 drug products, 3,000+ clinical conditions and disease profiles and much more, residents are equipped with the information they need to complete their program successfully.

Content Sources

Residency can react with confidence knowing PEPID content is reviewed and contributed to by leading professional organizations as well as by an in-house team of dedicated physicians, nurses and pharmacologists.



PEPID has a very aggressive editorial cycle with continuous updates. Residents can expect to receive notification of updates on a monthly basis and black box warnings and other critical alerts within 24-48 hours.

Encourage Evidence-based Decision-making

Residents can employ best-practice methods by referencing evidence-based content inquiries, with over 84,000 referenced statements, from the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine, the Family Physician Inquiries Network, and the Oncology Nursing Society.

The evidence-based inquiries in PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials are linked to clinical and drug content. They address the most important patient care questions asked by practicing healthcare professionals. Residents will examine how to appraise them, and determine how to apply them.

Support Residency Learning Systems

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS is designed with fully integrated tools and reference content, making for highly logical navigation. The flow of information is natural and seamless. Setting precepts based on the intuitively formatted references within PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials is an excellent method of maintaining residency learning systems and ensuring a successful residency.

The role of an at-hand mentor

This robust information system loaded with invaluable tools will assist in meeting Principle 4 requirements—with PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials at hand residents will be able to provide concise, applicable, comprehensive, and timely responses to requests for drug information from patients and health care providers.

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials can be used in conducting quality improvement activities as well.

Provide Medical Therapy Management Support Tools

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials can easily be fully integrated into current electronic medical records systems. Providing residents with an EMR infused with reliable drug resources and tools can help them develop the kind of “big picture” thinking necessary to build medical therapy management skills.

Improving Patient Therapeutic Outcomes

Residents can rest easy when they are equipped with an invaluable, safe prescribing tool like PEPID indications and contraindications module, drug interactions checker and duplicate therapy checking. Easy to read patient education handouts provide residents a way to empower patients with all of the information they need to self-monitor their prescription drug use.

Back up Disease State Management Initiatives

Integrating PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials into current electronic medical records systems is an easy and economical step to take in supporting a disease state management initiative. Residents benefit from an EMR infused with clinical content, reliable drug resources and tools that can help them develop the kind of “big picture” thinking necessary to build disease state management skills.


Encouraging pharmacy resident’s to embrace their role in DSM

The success of a disease state management skills initiative is entirely dependent upon the full participation and cooperation of all of a patient’s health care providers. Residents can do their part by: identifying which medications work for different chronic disease with the PEPID indications and contra-indications module, providing patients with easy to read patient-education handouts, adhering to evidence-based clinical policies easily accessed through the evidence-based inquiries linked to the clinical and drug content through out PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials.

Residents usage of PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS Essentials can be tracked and reported through current EMRs—data can be used to objectively measure those aspects of care the program is designed to impact.

Products for Pharmacy Education

Pharmacist Pro with AHFS

The only drug comprehensive reference and tool kit pharmacists need in any setting. Search the entire AHFS Drug Information Essentials® database, integrated with relevant drug interactions checks, dosage calculators, and clinical content.

AHFS Drug Information Essentials® by PEPID

Distilled drug and substance essentials from extensive bestselling AHFS DI®, and packed with PEPID’s most popular drug tools.

Portable Drug Companion

Carry the largest drug database available in your back pocket. Thousands of dosing and drip calculators improve treatment accuracy, while a powerful Drug Interactions Checker ensures patient safety.

AHFS Drug Information® by PEPID

The unabridged AHFS Drug Information® knowledgebase, delivered with PEPID’s superior usability and actionable tools.