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Drug Interaction Checker

Cross-check entire medication lists for drug interactions with the largest drug and substance database on the market.

  • Intuitive user interface eliminates steps to check for interactions
  • Checks entire medication lists simultaneously
  • Checks for interactions against:
    1. Prescription and OTC drugs (over 100,000 drug products)
    2. 900+ nutraceuticals, including herbal medicines
    3. Toxic and controlled substances
    4. Individual lifestyle factors
  • Immediately view interaction summaries for entire medication list

Add treatments, filter results, 
prescribe accurately

  • Interaction summaries jump to complete interaction monographs that include:
    1. Mechanism of Interaction
    2. Effect
    3. Level of Concern
    4. Action, including alternative drugs
    5. References
  • Presented in prescriptive, immediately actionable bullet points for busy clinicians and students
  • Jump directly to relevant drug and clinical content
  • Filter interactions by severity or drug
  • Immediate access to relevant, prepopulated adult and pediatric dosing information and calculators


The Drug Interaction Checker is included in all profession-tailored clinical decision support suites.


Embedding the Drug Interactions Checker or institution-wide access to a DI Web Portal supports reduced errors and consistency of care across your institution.


Robust APIs enable alert customization in any HIT system according to interaction severity, patient history, custom drug lists, and institutional protocols.

A leader and trusted name in mobile and integrated point-of-care solutions for over 25 years, PEPID’ s profession-tailored point-of-care information resources and clinical modules support thousands of healthcare practitioners and institutions across 159 countries.

Our Drug Interactions Checker is backed by the PEPID Knowledgebase (PKB), which houses the largest drug database on the market. It is continuously reviewed and updated by highly qualified clinicians and in close partnership with the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP).

PEPID’s drug interaction checker tool is included in any every clinical decision support suite

Get full access to PEPID for 2 weeks with a free trial, or contact us to learn more about integrating the drug interaction checker and the PEPID Knowledgebase into your health IT system.

PEPID has all the TOOLS to help you help others

Drug Interactions Checker (DI)

Safer treatments in seconds
Our proprietary ingredient-based algorithm checks entire medication lists against herbal supplements and toxic or illegal substances to safeguard against ADEs, duplicate therapies, and more.

Drug-Allergy Checker

Hypersensitivity alerts
Check medication against patients' diet and known allergies, and receive alerts to identified hypersensitivities.

Dosing Calculators

Accurate arithmetic
A full range of over 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators — prepopulated and integrated within thousands of distinct clinical content cards.


Drug Reference

A handheld heavyweight
Fit a drug database of over 13,000 drug names, including U.S. and Canadian trade names, generics, OTCs, herbals and supplements right in the palm of your hand.

Medical Calculators

Speedy assessments and screenings
Over 500 medical calculators, equations and scores — including body surface area, Glasgow Coma Scale, total calcium, NIH Stroke Scale, port analysis, and more.

Differential Diagnosis Checker (DDx)

Pinpoint patient problems
Generate a weighted list of potential diagnoses by inputting a patient's gender, age, symptoms and symptom severity.

Laboratory Manual

Interpreted results at-a-glance
Over 200 lab results and ranges, including critical values, descriptions, interpreted highs & lows, links to related tests & equations, and physiology & tech information.